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Critical Solutions International

CSI operates in a high stakes world where misinformation can cost lives. The CSI staff, made up of military vets and industry experts helps guide clients all across the globe on safe route clearance through landmine and IED related threats. CSI not only provides the equipment, gear, and vehicles needed to keep troops safe, they also provide the know-how and education to their clients as well as government officials needed to help combat this threat worldwide.

So, how can we help? Across all the industries and all the clients we have ever come across, CSI team members are the very definition of “Thought Leaders.” But, the problem persists that you can only be a thought leader if your thoughts get heard, seen, or otherwise consumed.

CSI provides best-in-class clearance and counter-IED solutions to forces confronting this ever-evolving threat.

CSI is a clearance-focused firm that leverages the unparalleled survivability of the Husky payload delivery platform and C-IED operational context of existing Husky customers. CSI’s customers include forces engaged in the most hazardous and contentious clearance operations in the world today.

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