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Wachusett Mountain

We were stoked when Wachusett Mountain asked us to rethink their Snow Report.

We went right to work on several sketches that explored what could be and consulted with their marketing team to help align user actions with Wachusett's business goals through reinventing the UX/UI. Being local, we were already fans and ride the mountain regularly so we jumped at the chance to play with the Snow Report to help improve communications with their biggest fans… the people filling their slopes. The relationship continues to evolve, Wachusett asked for our help with content marketing and the creation of their blog, The Wachusett Wire as well.

A long time family-owned business, Wachusett Mountain is as integral to winter life in Massachusettes as snow.

Wachusett is always looking for ways to improve their customer’s experience, be that on the slopes, in the lodge, on the grounds, or on the web. As long term season pass holders, we are looking forward to more fun and impactful projects that we get to experience from both sides.

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