The Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports tracks hunting and shooting sports participation and license purchasing trends to help state and federal agencies, conservation organizations and industries engaged in recruitment, retention and reactivation of hunting and shooting sports participation.

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The Council’s mission is to facilitate the promotion and growth of hunting and shooting sports and the education of the public on the contributions that hunters and shooters make towards wildlife conservation.

Their vision is an America where hunting and shooting sports are an integral part of mainstream culture and where hunters and shooters are widely recognized for their role as premiere conservation contributors.

Their purpose is to ensure support for and active participation in hunting and shooting sports for future generations.

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Hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts provide 80 percent of funding for all wildlife species (not just big game).

Since 1937, hunters and target shooters have been the primary source of funding for wildlife conservation through license fees and an excise tax on sporting goods (made possible through the hunting and sporting arms industry). Since the 1980s, participants in hunting and the shooting sports have been declining, resulting in less funding for conservation.

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Data To Help Drive Change

The Council tracks hunting and shooting sports participation and license purchasing trends to help state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, and industries engaged in recruitment, retention, and reactivation of hunting and shooting sports participation.

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Breaking Through Barriers

One of the council’s main goals is to help dispel common misconceptions about hunting and shooting sports. They help educate folks on the diversity and family-friendly activities provided by these passions and the massively positive impact afforded to our wildlife and national parks. So many people nationwide enjoy these outdoor based activities and their interests are not represented by the cliche “hunter” often thought of or portrayed.

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Keepers of an Active Community

There are many threats facing the outdoor way of life, and unless something is done, it could be lost forever. CAHSS built the R3 Community as a place where state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and industry professionals come together to share projects, success stories, and lessons learned that protect hunting, shooting sports, and angling for generations to come.

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In the Interest of Us All

The Great Outdoors

The impact hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts have on our community, our nation’s wildlife populations, National Parks, and protected lands are often misunderstood by the general public. Through our design, we are able to bring to life the diverse and active culture behind these activities and help educate the non-hunting public on the positive impact this community has.

Dedicated to Protecting the Great Outdoors

CAHSS, is an organization dedicated to educating people around the US on the value and protection provided by our nation’s hunters and shooting sports participants. With the help of user-friendly tools and an industry-leading platform, we were able to create a beautiful, inclusive, and interconnected experience that educates visitors on the research and impact CAHSS is making. Not only does this new website far outperform the one we replaced, but it’s also easier for the CAHSS team to grow, manage, and maintain. We are thrilled to share this new website.

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