The Contexticon

This contextual lexicon, the Contexticon, is a web-based app that helps bridge concept and context to help facilitate a deeper understanding of some of the oldest texts in the world — the Bible.

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The world’s most famous book – in context

The goal of the Contexticon is to help users better understand biblical verses by understanding the context in which they were written. What were things like politically? What was the dominant language? What did key words or phrases mean at the time of the writing? The Contexticon also helps readers apply these insights to discover new and deeper meanings within the Bible itself. This tool erases the barrier created by time and enables the reader to walk (and think) in the shoes of the people who shaped these texts and influenced the world.

Exploring In Context

We designed and built the Contexticon to minimize distraction while opening up the exploration of ancient works to its users.

Efficiency of Information

Screen space efficiency was a key priority – we needed to ensure the maximum amount of related and connected content visible at any time without sacrificing academic level clarity.

The Oldest Book Gets The Newest Technology

We took advantage of fullscreen views, larger resolutions, configurable window sets, and much more. The Contexticon stands alone in the world of biblical study apps.


The #1 book in the world just got better

The Contexticon is actively evolving and will soon launch some amazing new features keeping it at the very forefront of biblical research and study.

The Contexticon is a subscription-based app available to scholars, professors, their students, theologists, ministers, pastors, and anyone else interested in exploring the texts of the bible within the context of the ancient world.

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