Art + Artisans

Art + Artisans creates a customized experience that connects people, sparks joy, and strengthens community through art.


Playful Yet Professional

Art may be subjective, but in the hands of a designer, it’s a powerful, dedicated, tool capable of connecting us with experiences and places through emotion, comfort, awe, and inspiration.  Art + Artisan rolled out new branding along with their new website and all of these ingredients needed to come together to communicate the value A+A delivers to their clients. Unique art solutions that connect employees to their workplace and families to their homes.

Bold Statements for Bold Art

Throughout the new site, we leveraged A+A’s new bold brand position to create high-impact messaging and communicate value.

Showcase The Work

One of the main reasons for the new build was to better showcase the unique, customized solutions that Art + Artisans crafts for their clients. Each project stands alone and is brought to life to represent the owners and the folks who use the spaces on a daily basis.

Dig Deeper – How Custom Art Solutions Come To Life

Art + Artisans doesn’t just outfit your space with off-the-shelf artwork. They leverage their nationwide network of talented artisans and carefully craft one-of-a-kind, totally unique solutions by working closely with other clients and following the carefully designed, well-honed process.


Art Elevates Experience

“Art + Artisans is for the forward thinkers who want to see the possibility and impact art has on a space. We partner with our clients to develop and execute an art plan that does more than just put art on the walls — it expresses the client’s story, attracts like-minded visitors, and creates an experience where people genuinely want to spend time. We are an extension of our client’s team and bring innovative solutions paired with expert execution to every project, no matter how small or complex it may be.”

Dress For The Job You Want

Art + Artisans has a strong name & reputation locally through years of great work, providing custom, thoughtful, solutions, and maximizing their clients’ budgets – they really do make art accessible and fun.

Now, with their sights set on growth – geographically as well as project size – it’s time to make sure they look as good as their work looks in person. It was time for their website to start working for them.

Bring the work to life – let the work come alive visually.
Bring the team to life – no art snobs here, just professional, fun, people.
Bring the difference to life – A+A represents their clients, everything is custom-tailored.

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  • Improved SEO
  • Easy, intuitive management tools
  • Bold vibrant imagery
  • Compelling text treatments
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased topical authority
  • Increased thought leadership