FairTrade Caravans

FairTrade Caravans' fundraisers help raise money for schools, clubs, and nonprofits while at the same time supporting artisans and farmers worldwide.


Making a world of difference through fundraising

That’s the goal, but FairTrade Caravans outgrew their pilot webstore and needed more functionality, deeper customization, and to streamline their back-end processes to bring efficiency to order fulfillment. We designed the site and the system and built a beautiful, highly customized, user-friendly experience for administrators and customers.

Refine the Process

A major priority was to streamline the fundraiser process and quickly convey to a user how simple it is to use the FTC tools to start their own fundraising using FairTrade’s products and one of a kind system. Custom visuals were used to break down the process and outline how easy the 4 stepped process is to use.

Raise Awareness & Educate

We needed to tell two stories through the site. The first was an education for the potential fundraiser, the user, and how opting for this fair trade solution impacted small farmers and business owners around the world. We had to make it clear how their choice results in real-world good. We also had to educate shoppers on the high quality of the products – fundraisers needed to be confident their supporters would be happy with their purchases. To do this we explored the who and why behind the products. We then had to boil this all down to a clean, high-quality shopping experience where the products could speak for themselves.

High-end Tools

We not only wanted visitors to experience a beautiful and inspiring site but also to give them the experience of a high-end, intuitive service when utilizing the FTC platform to create their own personal, customized fundraisers.


Good for Your Cause, the World, and You!

With each purchase made through an FTC fundraiser, you’re raising money for a worthy cause. You support fair trade around the world. And you receive a high-quality, meaningful product with a human face and story behind it.

Through FairTrade Caravans:

  • Organizations raise more money for their cause.
  • Artisans and farmers have a marketplace to sell their unique and sustainable fair trade products.
  • Countries benefit as their communities break the cycle of poverty.
  • Individuals and families become better global citizens and more mindful consumers.
  • Educators can use school fundraisers as real-life examples of fair trade and global issues.

Doing Good Never Felt So Good

This project had many goals varied across many user types. We’ve created a totally new consumer experience featuring vibrant visuals, a compelling story, and powerful tools for creating and managing fundraisers. We also made powerful enhancements to the back end to make the day-to-day operations of the business more efficient and easy to manage – especially during their busy season. We planned paths for each visitor type and the interactions necessary to make their visit a success. Whether they are the person holding the fundraiser, a supporter here to shop, or someone who found the site through Google and just wants to do some good while they shop.

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  • Improved SEO
  • Custom fundraiser creation tool
  • Custom management platform
  • Custom management dashboard
  • Streamlined shopping experience
  • Increased domain authority
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased topical authority
  • Increased thought leadership